Align text center in cargo collective site builder

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Align text center in cargo collective website

Align text center in cargo collective might be difficult for some people but let me tell you it is way easier and after reading this you will know how to align text to center, left, and right as well.

We will be covering this for both Cargo 2 and Cargo 3.
So let’s get started🚀

Align text in Cargo 2

1. First log into your cargo website.

2. Add a new page in the builder If you do not know here you can read the article on how to add a page.

how to add page in cargo collective

3. After creating a page, go to the content tab and then select the text using the mouse that you want to align to the center.

align text in cargo site

3. At the bottom of the setting you will find an icon to align text in different positions.
Click on it and select the alignment you want per your need.

Align text in the center of the page in Cargo 2

To align text both vertically and horizontally at the center of the page in Cargo 2, expand the design tab in the page settings, select the “Text align center” option under Alignment, check the “100% height” box, and align it to the center, and under text alignment, choose center alignment. This will perfectly align the text in Cargo 2.

align text vertcially and horizontally center in cargo 2

Align text in Cargo 3

Open Cargo 3 editor, Click on the icon at the top of the menu to align the text to the left, center, and right of the page.

Align text in the center of the page in Cargo 3

To achieve vertical and horizontal center alignment for text on your page, simply navigate to the page settings. Once there, ensure that the “100% Height” option is checked. Then, in the Text-Align setting, select the center option.

This straightforward approach ensures your text is perfectly centered, creating a polished and balanced layout.

To ensure that all future elements added to your page are aligned in the center, you’ll want to configure the Global site layout settings accordingly.

By applying the same settings for center alignment within the Global site layout settings, you establish a consistent design throughout your entire website, maintaining a professional and cohesive appearance.


We have aligned the text to center successfully in the cargo collective website builder.


Do you know how to add icons or emoji😁 in Cargo Collective website builderClick here to read the article on that.

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