Add icon and emoji in Cargo Collective website


Add icons and emojis in Cargo Collective might be difficult for some people but let me tell you it is way more easy than your thoughts.

So let’s get started🚀

What is Cargo Collective Site Builder?

Cargo is a professional, fully customizable site-building service for showcasing your work on the web. You can create a portfolio, a shop, an archive, a magazine, or another project of any size or scope. Cargo Collective Site builder is very popular among Graphic designers, photographers, Artists, and other creative field people all over the world. 

Link of the website – Cargo.site

Add icon or emoji in Cargo Collective Site Builder

1. First log into your cargo website.

2. Add a new page in the builder. If you do not know here you can read the article on how to add page.

how to add page in cargo collective


3 – Now select the Page to which you want to add the icon or emoji and click on the Content Tab after that on the settings tab you will find the Smiling emoji icon 😀 click on that –

4 – After that, a box will form of different emojis and icons from there you can add icons and emojis to your cargo collective website.

Thanks for reading this article.

Checkout my video on YouTube on how to add icons and emojis in Cargo 3


We have added icons and emojis successfully in the cargo collective website builder.


Do you know how to align text in the Cargo Collective website builder? Click here to read the article on that.

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