Connect Domain From GoDaddy To Cargo Site

add custom domain to cargo site

Connect Domain from GoDaddy to Cargo Collective Site

To Connect Domain from GoDaddy to Cargo Collective site builder might be complicated but after reading this article you will know how to Connect Domain from GoDaddy to Cargo Collective site builder in the easiest way.

In this blog, I am showing in Cargo 2 editor but in case you want to see how it works for Cargo 3 with Google Domain. Click here

So let’s get started🚀

Login to Cargo and add domain to Cargo Site

1. First log into your cargo website.

2. Click on the Setting icon on the right side of the site builder.

3. Click on the “Connect an existing Domain Name” in the settings section.

4. After that enter the domain that you have purchased from GoDaddy and after entering the domain name it will show the status pending.

Login to Domain hosting provider

1. After that log in to your GoDaddy Account and go to the Domain section, here you will see your purchased domain, Click on the Manage DNS button of the domain that you want to connect to the Cargo Site Builder.

2. After Clicking on Manage DNS, the DNS Management page will open and on this page, you will find a nameserver.

Change default Nameserver to Cargo Nameserver

1. Go to the Nameservers and Click on the change button

2. It will open the Edit Nameservers Page or Popup you need to Click on “Enter my own nameservers(advanced)”.

3. Then it will open a form to enter your own Nameservers. In the first field you need to enter – and in the second field you need to enter and click on the save button.

4. After changing the nameserver details it can take up to 5 minutes to 48 hours to connect the domain from GoDaddy to Cargo Collective site. In my case, it took around 5 minutes comment down below how much did it take in your case.

Now we have successfully connected the domain from GoDaddy to the Cargo Collective site builder. But wait have you opened your website URL in incognito What will you find? you will see a message “This site is private”. Like this👇

But, why🤔

Because your website is still private you need to make it public.

Check this blog to make the site public – Click here

Thanks for reading this article.


Hey, wait a minute😜 But,

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  1. Hi there!
    Thank you for this, it is really clear!! I have a quick question: I have my domain registered with Godaddy and I am currently using some emails under that domain. What happens to the emails once you change the nameserver? Do they still operate under Godaddy?

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