Add background image in cargo collective

background image in cargo

On your website, you want to add a background image in Cargo Collective but you do not know how to do that😭. But do not worry in this blog we will learn about how to add background images in both Cargo 2 and Cargo 3😎

So let’s get started🚀

Add background image in Cargo 2

1. First log into your cargo 2 and add a page.

2. After creating the page successfully you need to upload an image in the cargo panel. If you do not know how to add an image in cargo read this article – add an image in Cargo Collective

3. After uploading the image successfully you need to expand the design and then you need to turn on the “Backdrop: Wallpaper” to Blue (similar mentioned to image below) and after that make “100% height” option turn on to Blue (similar mentioned to image below).

4. If you want to use some other image you need to click on “Backdrop: Wallpaper” It will open an option to upload a new image and then select the image that you want to use as a background image.

Add background image in Cargo 3

To begin, launch your Cargo 3 editor. In the top left corner, you’ll spot an icon specifically for adding backdrops. Click on it, and a window will pop up presenting various backdrop options. Opt for the ‘background’ choice, then proceed to upload the background of your choosing.

Hurray🤗 we have successfully added a background image in Cargo 2 and Cargo 3.

Thanks for reading this article.


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