Add page on Cargo Collective site builder

Add page in Cargo Collective

Add a page on Cargo Collective website

Adding a page in cargo collective site builder might be difficult for some people but it is straightforward. And after reading this article you will know how to add pages in Cargo 2 and Cargo 3.

So let’s get started🚀

Add page in Cargo 2

1. Login to your cargo 2 editor. 

2. After login, successfully click the add icon on the bottom of the settings.

2- After click on plus icon it will add a New Page called “Untitled Page” in the right sidebar panel.

3- Then you need to the select the “Untitled Page” text using your mouse.

4. After selecting the text from mouse you can just change the name of the page.

Add page in Cargo 3

1 – Open your Cargo 3 Editor and click on bar icon at the top.

2 – It will open the pop box containing all the pages in your website. Click on the plus icon to add the page.

It will show you some choices. Choose ‘New Page.’ A new page called ‘Untitled Page’ will be created. Click on it and change the name of the page.

Add Set in Cargo 3

Structuring your website pages more efficiently can be achieved by utilizing sets, which essentially act as folders. By creating a set, you can organize related pages within it.

For instance, if you have various project pages, you can create a project set and move all project-related pages inside it. This makes navigation through different pages much easier for you.

To create a new set, simply click on “New Set.” This action generates a set named “Untitled Set.” Double-click on it to rename the set according to your preference. Once named, you can easily drag and drop other pages into this set.

In the image below, you’ll see that I’ve organized my website pages by creating a set named “Project Work.” Within this set, I’ve neatly grouped three project pages: “Project 1,” “Project 2,” and “Project 3.”

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