Top 7 best creative Cargo site in use

best cargo site in use

Top 7 best creative Cargo site in use

In this blog, we are going to see the best cargo site in use which I have built from scratch or redesigned for clients in Cargo 2 and Cargo 3. These websites are examples of Creative Agency, Production House, etc.

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Here are the list of Top 7 best creative Cargo site in use

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Diet Paratha

Diet Paratha is a global community and creative agency. Which has quickly become the home for creating and showcasing the best in projects and talent by people of South Asian heritage.

Diet Paratha is built on Cargo 2 and the client came up with the existing website and wanted to redesign pages instead of using the default menu provided by Cargo, the client wanted to have a minimal menu design.

So, I created a full-page menu which the client loved because the older menu was a bit boring and did not match the website theme as well.

The client wanted an option to collect the email, so I added the pop-up newsletter feature and connected it with MailChimp.

Website – https://dietparatha.com/

best cargo site in use


Brillantine is a creative company for production and new stories. Brillantine produces content, audiovisual formats, and events for brands to reach and engage audiences in a new era.

The client wished to shift their current website from another website builder to Cargo. They aimed to showcase their portfolio of client work, detailing the projects they’ve undertaken.

Additionally, they wanted to provide information about their creative agency and introduce their team.

I started building the website in Cargo 2. This website was one of my largest and longest projects because it involved numerous intricate animations and customizations done with custom CSS and JavaScript.

It was quite challenging, but the end result turned out to be truly amazing.

Website – https://brillantine.ch/

best cargo collective website in use


Metro54 is a space for global sonic, cultural, and artistic practices, gathering(s), (un)learning, histories, grassroots community work, spatial politics, and transformative justice.

The client wanted to create a completely new website using Cargo 3. Their existing website was built in Cargo 2, and they wished to migrate to Cargo 3 with a fresh design. I made a metro54.nl website from scratch in Cargo 3.

The client had a design idea and wanted to easily add blogs and events in the future. So, I made the website as they wanted. It has different pages like Home, Programs, Archive, About, and Visit.

Website – https://metro54.nl/

best cargo 3 site in use


ALLEN + CRIPPA is an Architectural Designer.

ALLEN + CRIPPA wanted to display their project work for their clients. They provided the design, and after a few Zoom calls discussing the projects, I built their website using Cargo 2. They were very pleased with the final result.

Website – Allen Crippa

Cargo Site tutorial, Cargo 2, Cargo 3

Steediu Media

Steediu Media is a digital design and production house based in Kuwait.

The client’s website was already built in Cargo 2, but they wanted to revamp the website. We had several Zoom calls to discuss the desired new look, and I redesigned the website accordingly.

Website – https://steediu.media/

best cargo 2 site in use

A Single Piece

A.SINGLE.PIECE is a contemporary art space that subverts the traditional gallery model to create an immersive art experience to promote the work of artists of Asian heritage.

The client desired a minimalist website to showcase information about their art space, with only a few pages like ‘About’ and ‘Contact.’

They provided me with a design along with detailed instructions on the layout and functionality they wanted. Additionally, they wanted the ability to update the content themselves in the future, so I provided them with video recordings on how to do so.

I developed the website on Cargo 3, and the client was very pleased with the final result, as it closely matched their design.

Website – https://asinglepiecegallery.com/

best cargo website in use


ZETTAI is a global contemporary art advisory based between Tokyo and Amsterdam.

The client’s website was already built in Cargo 2, but they needed some improvements for mobile users and redesigning some of the existing pages.

This included making text responsive, adjusting the layout, fixing the menu, and adding a newsletter feature. I made all the necessary fixes and changes as requested.

Website – Z E T T A I

best cargo 2 website in use

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