Best 5 effects for your cargo collective website you must know

Best 5 effects for your cargo collective website

Best 5 effects for your cargo collective site

We all recognize the significance of having a website for ourselves or our company. Our choice of the Cargo Collective Site Builder is driven by its ability to create unique websites that stand out from the other websites built using WordPress or another site builder.

However, to enhance the visitor’s experience, we sometimes want to take it a step further. By adding cool effects and animations through CSS and JS, we aim to ensure that every visitor remembers their unique journey on our website.

All these effects and animation come with a detailed video tutorial and support assistance.

1 – Cursor with Superpower🔥

We understand that every visitor to your website will inevitably notice the cursor and move it around the webpage. However, we believe in going beyond simple cursor movements. We want to enhance the experience by adding cool effects such as dropping hearts 💖, colorful droplets 🌈, or even incorporating click-triggered animations like fireworks 🎆 or you can also choose your own emoji. These unique and attractive effects will make your Cargo Collective website stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Custom emoji mouse effect – Demo Link

Heart 💖Dropping Mouse Effect – Demo Link

Firework 🎆on mouse click – Demo Link

Color Droplet – Demo Link

2 – Preloader Animation

Prior to a visitor exploring your website, consider displaying a captivating animation that leaves them amazed. Alternatively, showcasing your logo during this time can help establish your branding. You can easily incorporate a preloader animation on your Cargo Collective website to make the initial interaction more engaging and memorable for your visitors.

Pre-loader animation – Animation link

pre-loader animation for cargo collective website

3 – Dark/Light Mode ☯

Most websites offer the choice between Dark Mode and Light Mode for a better user experience. However, Cargo Collective Site Builder doesn’t have this feature by default. But don’t worry! We can easily add this option using CSS and JS. Now your visitors can browse your Cargo Collective website in the mode that suits their preference.

Dark/Light – Effect Link

4 – Butterfly Light/Dark Effect🦋

The butterfly light/dark effect is my favorite animation. I bet having this cool animation on your Cargo Collective website will make visitors remember it forever! In this effect, a white butterfly keeps flying across your website, emitting light. The entire website is in dark mode, and wherever the butterfly goes, that part of the website lights up. Click anywhere on the website, and this enchanting effect turns off, turning the butterfly black. You can enable the effect again by clicking anywhere on the website. You should definetly checkout this effect for your website.

Butterfly Animation Link

5 – Falling Snow Animation

The falling snow effect is a charming addition that can make your Cargo Collective website truly memorable. Picture this – gentle snowflakes gracefully falling across your webpage, creating a serene and wintry ambiance.

Falling Snow animation link

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