How to add image gallery in Cargo Collective Site

In this blog we will learn about how to add image gallery in Cargo 2 site editor. As we know that being ant artist we want to showcase our work images in the nice format maybe in a Grid layout or Image Slider or sometimes images in a freeform layout. We are going to learn all these things in this blog on how to add image gallery in Cargo Collective.

image gallery in cargo site

Image gallery in Cargo Site

First go to the Cargo 2 editor and go to the page in which you want to add image gallery in your cargo collective website. Upload the images.

After uploading all the images, drag one image inside the editor and after that select that image after selecting the image you will have blue color effect which mean that you have selected the image now at the bottom right you will see the gallery icon click on that it will open a the different options related to the image gallery lets talk about them one by one.

1. SlideShow

First grid layout we have the SlideShow as the name indicates you will have the image gallery slider option. Now after selecting the image you can start dradding more images into the Image Slider.

It has different options let’s talk about them one by one –

  1. Slide Animation: Choose between Fade, Slider, or Scrub animations for transitioning between images.
  2. Delay: Adjust the timing for the next image slide according to your preference.
  3. Transition: Determine the duration of the slider animation.
  4. Autoplay: Enable this option if you want images to automatically change after a few seconds.
  5. Navigation: Enable this option if you want navigation arrows to move images forward and backward.
  6. Alignment: Customize the image alignment within the gallery.

Before talking about next layout there are few settings which are same for the other layouts like Columns, Gutter and Captions.

Columns: Determine how many images you want to display in a single column. Drag the columns setting to your desired number, e.g., set it to 6 for displaying 6 images per column.

Gutters: Gutters refer to the spacing between gallery images. Set the gutter value to control the space between images. A value of 0 means no space, while an increasing gutter number adds more space between images.

Captions: Enable captions to display text associated with images, if available.

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2. Grid

Second Layout we have the Grid layout you have have the images in a grid system. The grid layouts works best for the images having equal width and height.

3. Columns Layout

The Columns layout works best for the image of different width and height as it take the space as per their size.You can adjust the columns and gutter as per your need.

4. Justify

The Justify layout is one of my favorite layouts because it ensures that the size of the images doesn’t matter. All images automatically resize according to the row, creating a gallery that looks uniformly balanced and visually pleasing.

5. Freeform

If you prefer arranging images on your website by simply dragging them around and want the flexibility to display one image above another, then this layout is perfect for you.

It comes with additional settings, such as enabling the “Let Viewers Move Images” option, which allows users to drag and rearrange the images as they like.

All the layouts come with additional settings that you can easily apply by tinkering around a bit.

Thanks for reading the blog.🚀

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