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Cargo Collective SEO: Best Practices

Improving your Cargo Collective SEO is very important for getting organic traffic to your website. But hardly anybody pays attention to it.

But if you are serious about increasing your website traffic, then you need to pay attention to the Cargo Collective SEO best practices.

In this guide, we will share the top Cargo Collective SEO tips to help you improve your Cargo Collective SEO and get more organic traffic.


We know that it is a bit difficult for you to make the Cargo Collective SEO friendly because you will hardly find any blog post or article about this topic or you can say any blog post related to Cargo Collective other than my blogs 😅.

But unfortunately in Cargo, we cannot install plugins like WordPress to make the website SEO friendly, and Cargo does not provide any additional settings for SEO as well. So what can we do now?

We can implement a few SEO best practices that work for any website present on the internet.

So let; ‘s get started.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an acronym that denotes a set of strategies employed by website owners to enhance their online visibility and attract more traffic by achieving higher rankings on search engines.

Why SEO is important?

Search engines, like Google, drive significant website traffic. To rank well, optimize your content.

If not, search engines may not understand or rank it, leading to missed traffic opportunities. Business owners must ensure a search engine-friendly website to maximize search traffic.

Add SEO to Cargo Site

1. Meta Description

A meta description is crucial for SEO because it serves as a concise summary of a web page’s content. This brief snippet, typically 150-160 characters, appears in search engine results below the page title.

To add meta description in your cargo website for Cargo 2 and Cargo 3

  1. Go to your Cargo 2 editor or Cargo 3 editor
  2. Click on the Setting icon for Cargo 2 and the Globe icon for Cargo 3
  3. You will see a blank field in Cargo 2 where you can add the meta description, for Cargo 3 you will find a meta tag button on clicking on that it will open an input field where you can add the meta description.
<meta name="description" content="Your concise and engaging meta description goes here. It should accurately summarize your page content within 150-160 characters.">

2. Favicon

You should have the favicon although it does not boost your website SEO it comes under the Best practices.

You can read the complete on how to add favicon for Cargo 2 and Cargo 3

3. Use a personal domain

In Cargo Collective by default it comes up with .cargo.site domain extension instead of this you should use your name or brand name-related domain name.

And make sure you use the top-level domain(TLD) for your website.

The top-level domain (TLD) of a website, which is the last part of the domain name (e.g., .com, .org, .net, .uk), does have some importance for SEO

4. Google Seach Console

This is one of the most important parts of any website to make sure that Google knows about your website and indexes your website in its search engine.

You can submit your website in the Google Search Console. Click here to go to google search console

Follow these steps to add a website to the Google Search console –

Step 1 – First go to the Google search console website and click on “Add property”.

Step 2 – Add your website URL in the domain section and Click on “Continue”.

Step 3 – Now you will get a code that you need to add to your Cargo website DNS as a TXT record.

Step 4 – Go back to your Cargo Editor and then go to the domain section, click on Edit DNS, and then Add record.

Select the TXT from the drop-down menu and paste the code you have copied earlier.

STEP 5 – Now go back to the Google search console and click on “verify”.

It might take some time to update the TXT record if it does not get verified then you can try again after some time.

So, finally, we have also added the website to the Google search console.


These are the few methods that you can use to make your Cargo Collective website SEO-friendly.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog on Cargo Collective Seo. Thanks for reading🚀

If you have any questions or need help with your Cargo Site, feel free to ask in the discussion forum.

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