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Top 10 Cargo 3 Questions, Answered

In this blog, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions about Cargo 3, the latest Cargo Site Editor. Let’s dive into and answer common queries related to Cargo 3.

What is Cargo 3?

Cargo 3 is the latest editor launched by Cargo Collective which is a site builder to create modern and unique websites for Artists and Designer.

What is new in Cargo 3?

Cargo 3 has come up with a new pricing structure that has changed a little bit and they have introduced an unlimited website concept with a single subscription, Cargo 3 has come up with some additional features. If you want to read more about Cargo 3 feature. Click the below link.
I have talked about everything in detail in this blog – Cargo 3 Complete Overview

What is the difference between Cargo 2 and Cargo 3?

Cargo 2 was the previous site editor to build the website and Cargo 3 is an upgraded version of Cargo 2 with more advanced features.

Can I still use Cargo 2?

Yes, Cargo 2 is still functional, and if you are familiar with Cargo 2 and want to build your website you can still go to its templates section and use the templates created using Cargo 2.
Cargo 2 Templates Link

What will happen to my existing website built using Cargo 2?

As I have previously mentioned Cargo 2 is still functional and you can keep editing your website built on Cargo 2 without any worries.

How to transfer Cargo 2 to Cargo 3?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your Cargo 2 website to Cargo 3 it is a different editor, if you want to move your website to Cargo 3 you have to build it from scratch.

How to transfer Cargo 1 to Cargo 3?

Unfortunately, you can only transfer your Cargo 1 site to Cargo 2 but you cannot transfer Cargo 1 to Cargo 3.

Is Cargo 3 or Cargo Site free in general to use?

You can start with Cargo 3 or Cargo sites without paying or adding a credit card, once you have completed creating your website you have to purchase the subscription to make the website public. By default “The website is private” and only you can see the website.

What is Cargo 3 pricing?

Cargo 3 has rolled out new pricing plans, offering a choice between $14 per month with annual billing or $19 per month with monthly billing.

Does Cargo 3 support an e-commerce feature?

Yes, Cargo 3 supports ecommerce integration as well and it is very similar to Cargo 2. Cargo supports stripe and payment gateway integration for accepting payments without charging any transaction fee.

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